HSLC Passage-2017

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: [HSLC’17]

   Trees help to support man’s life by supplying the atmosphere with oxygen which is essential to life. The oxygen in the air is constantly being used up and turned into carbon-di-oxide which is the food that plants ‘eat’. The leaves of trees (in fact, of all green plants) absorb this carbon-di -Oxide and with the help of sunlight breaks it down into carbon and oxygen. The carbon is used to make starch and the oxygen is released into the air, so replacing the oxygen used up by animals, But for this, animals would soon die for  lack of oxygen.

Starch and other carbon compounds made in the green leaves of trees (and of other green plants too) serve as food for animals. The tiny green cells of plants are wonderful laboratories which produce all the starch in the world, But for this service done by plants, all animals. Would sooner or later die for lack of food.


(i) What is the food that the plants ‘eat’? 1
(ii) How do the green cells of plants serve the animals?      2
(iii) How-do the leaves of trees break down carbon- di- oxide into carbon and oxygen?    2

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