HSLC Passage- 2018

Read the following passage carefully and answer the question that follow : [HSLC’18]

   Paper is one of the most important articles that we use in day-to-day life. If there had been no paper, our civilization would not have progressed so fast. Great scientists write their thoughts on paper first and then carry out their experiments. Great engineers draw their plans on paper first and then build houses, bridges, dams and so on, Great thoughts are written or printed on paper for everyone to read. If there was no paper, we would not have all the good books that are available in the world. Without paper it would be difficult for the people of one country to know about the pedple of another country.

(i) Why is paper a most essential thing for mankind.   1
(ii) What would have happened if there were no paper?   2
(iii) Mention three uses of paper.   2

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