HSLC Passage-2019

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: [HSLC’19]

   A good book always teaches us something, in fact many things directly or indirectly if the mind is willing to learn. Books are the best companion; they also give us the best society. They help us in establishing contact with many great men. We hear what such men said and did; through books we even see them as if they were really alive. As we read, we share great thoughts with great minds, we hope and grieve with great men. The scenes in which they appeared are described for us and as we turn the pages we come to know what nobleness is. Books work as agents and help us in being better than we are. Books should, therefore, be treated as friends and guides.

(i) How can books teach us?   
(ii) How can one share the great thoughts through books?   
(iii) Why should books be treated as friends and guides?   

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