Passage for Exercise-12

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

   One day as Odysseus was wandering outside the camp he meta stranger, a wise man who told him that there-was an ancient prophecy concerning Troy, which said that the city would never be captured so long as the holy statue of Athene remained inhertemple inthe city.

   When evening came, Odysseus made up his mind to try to steal the statue, even though it was kept in the temple of the goddess in the very centre of Troy. He dressed as a beggar, hid a sharp sword under his rags and taking Diomedes with him set off towards Troy.

(a) When did Odysseus meta stranger? .
(b) Who told Odysseus the ancient prophecy about Troy?
(c) What was this prophecy?
(d) What did Odysseus decide to do?
(e) How did Odysseus set off towards Troy?
(f) Write the following sentences replacing the words/phrases underlined with a word/phrase from the above passage to express the same meaning.
(i) He met an unknown person when he was going to the field.
(ii) We saw a lot of old relics in the museum.
(iii) I decided not to help that ungrateful person.

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