Passage for Exercise-101

Read carefully the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

   A great German, named Bismarck, once said that if he had to live a second life in this world, and told that he could not return as a man, then he would choose to be sent back to the earth as ant.

   This seems a queer choice. There are so many finer and more beautiful creatures in the world than ants, dogs, horses, elephants, lions, tigers. You would think it would be better to be one of these animals than to be an ant; yet Bismarck knew what he was talking about. He was a man who loved order. His idea of a perfect state was one in which every person worked for the good of the whole community, and this ordered form of life is found amongst ants more than any other kind of living creatures, not excepting man.

   A city of ants is a teeming hive where work is unending. The homes of these tiny creatures are underneath small mounds raised a little above the surrounding fields, and inside the mounds there are chambers and galleries filled with thousands of hurrying little creatures. The centre of an ant community is the queen. She alone lays eggs which will become the whole of the next generation in the ant city. As soon as the grubs are hatched out of the eggs, they are carefully watched over by the nurse ants who feed them with special food, keep them clean and do everything they can to make them grow.

   There are no unemployed, no slackers in an ant community. Whilst the nurse ants are looking after the young, sentinel ants are mounting guard to give warning of the approach of an enemy. Meanwhile, other ants will be hard at work, collecting food or repairing the nest.

   Men who have studied the ways of ants tell strange things about their social life. Just as in ancient days men kept slaves to work for them, so some ants raid the home of other ants, and, making captives, bring them back to their nests, and compel them to work for their captors. Ants, we are told, play games. They nurse their sick, bury their dead, and-see no one is allowed to be lazy.


1. What is the queer choice of Bismarck?
2. Why is the choice called queer?
3. Why did Bismarck admire the life of the ant?
4. Why is the queen called the centre of the ant community?
5. Where do ants live?
6. Why is it said that in a city of ants ‘work is unending’?
7. What is the function of nurse ants?
8. Mention a few interesting things about the social life of ants.

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