Passage for Exercise-104

Read carefully the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

   The self-fulfillment of the individual has itself become part of a larger, more embracing idea: the self-fulfillment of man. We think of man as a species with special gifts, which are the human gifts. Some of these gifts, the physical and mental gifts, are elucidated for us explicitly by science; some of them, the aesthetic and ethical gifts, we feel, and struggle to express in our mind: and some of them, the cultural gifts, are unfolded for us by the study of history. The total of these gifts is man as a type or species, and the aspiration of man as a species has become the fulfillment of what is most human in these gifts.
   The idea of human self-fulfillment has also inspired scientific and technical progress. We sometimes think that progress is illusory, and that the devices and gadgets which became indispensible to civilized men in the last five hundred years are only a self-propagating accumulation of idle luxuries.


1. What is the larger idea of which self-fulfillment of the individual has become a part?
2. Which human gifts explicitly elucidated by science?
3. To express what do we feel and struggle?
4. Which gifts are unfolded by the study of history?
5. What does the aspiration of man as a species constitute?
6. What does the idea of human self-fulfillment inspire?
7. How do we now react to progress and scientific devices?

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