Passage for Exercise-13

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

   A king who was feeble and ill because of idleness asked: for medicine from a doctor. The doctor was wiser than the king. He knew that the king needed healthful exercise and not medicine.
   The doctor, therefore, brought the king two heavy clubs of a strange kind of wood. He told the king to hold the clubs as the medicine for his cure. He asked the king to grasp them by ‘the hands and swing them till his hands became moist with the exercise. The moisture, the doctor said, would make the medicine act. The king okayed the doctor and each day he might be seen in the open air at certain hours, working manfully with his magic clubs. His muscles grew strong, his health improved, and he greatly praised the medicine of his clubs and the wisdom of his good doctor.

(a) Why was the king feeble andill?)
(b) What medicine did the doctor prescribe for theking?
(c) How was the king advised to use the medicine?
(d) How did the medicine benefit the king?
(e) Choose the correct answer:

1. The king was feeble and ill because
(i) he ate too much. ee
(ii) he took very little food.
(iii) he was idle. ae

2. The doctor understood that the king needed.
(i) nutritious food.
(ii) good medicine.
(iii) healthful exercise.
(f) Write the adjective form of ‘wood’.
(g) Write the noun form of ‘improved’.
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