Passage for Exercise-15

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

   The journey to the South Pole is perhaps the most difficult in the world calling for the highest degree of courage and endurance. Danger and difficulty, however, have never kept men away, and even the South Pole has been reached four times by men. The first to reach it was Amundsen, the Norwegian explorer. He reached it on December 14, 1911. The British team of Captain Scott and his four brave friends was at the Pole, a month later but they never came back to tell their story.In 1958, the South Pole was reached twice, first by Hillary and then by Fuchs. It has also been flown over.
   Besides these men who succeeded, there are others who tried but failed. One of them was Sir Earnest Shackleton who is the hero of our story. In 1909 he came very near to success. He was within ninety seven miles of the Pole when a fearful storm forced him to return. Five years later, the South Pole called him still. It was a call that he could not fail to answer.

(a) Who are the men who perished in the journey to the South Pole?
(b) Who were the men who made the four successful journey to the South Pole?
(c) Why courage and endurance are needed for the journey to the South Pole?
(d) Why was Shackleton forced to give up his attempt-to reach the South Pole?
(e) Write the adjective form of Pole. oy
(f) Choose from the following the right word to describe the men who tried to reach the South ‘Pole’—
(i) discoverers (ii) travellers
(iii)explorers (iv) sailors.
(g) Of the four statements given below, only two are true. Write down the true statements:
(i) People have crossed the South Pole by air.
(ii) The distance to the South Pole is ninety seven miles.
(iii) Men have failed to reach the South
Pole because the journey is full of danger and difficulty.
(iv) Two successful journeys to the South Pole were made in a single year.

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