Passage for Exercise-17

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

   A wolf was having its meal. A bone got stuck in his throat. Being in great pain, he went to a crane and asked if she could take out the bone with her long beak, “If you help me in this way, I shall reward you well”, he said. The crane agreed to it. The bold crane, therefore, put her thin beak down the wolf’s throat and soon had the bone out. Then she asked, ‘“Now, where is my reward ?”

   “You silly bird !” ‘snarled the wolf’ “don’t you know that the animal which puts its head between my jaws is lucky to escape with its life ? That is reward enough for you.”


(a) Choose the correct alternative:
(i) The wolf had a great paininhis—
A. throat
B. neck
C. head
D. jaw
(ii) ‘Bold? means—
A. lucky
B. silly
C. fearless
D. kind
(iii) “The crane agreed to it”. Here ‘it? means—
A. only helping the wolf.
B. taking out the bone.
C. helping the wolf and getting a reward.
D. only getting areward.
(iv) The wolf asked the crane to help him because she was a—
A. silly bird Cs es
B. friendly bird
C. kind and bold bird
D. bird with a long beak.
(b) Doyou think that the wolfkept his promise?
(c) Why was the crane really lucky?

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