Passage for Exercise-20

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow :

    Once, a king wanted to appoint an honest man for collecting the taxes of his kingdom. There were many candidates for the post and a day was fixed for selecting the most honest man from among them. The candidates arrived, they were seated in a big room where a lot of gold and silver coins were kept. After some time, they were led to the preserice of the king and asked to dance. Only one of the candidates obeyed while all others refused to obey.
    The minister declared the one who danced to be the only honest man. The king wanted to know how dancing could prove him to be honest. The minister compelled the other candidates to show their pockets.
    Lo! they were filled with the king’s coins. The king ‘now understood why they had refused to dance, so the honest man was chosen and others were jailed
as thieves.

(a) What sort of man did the king want?
(b) What-was the plan to test the honesty of the candidates?
(c) What were the candidates asked to do ?
(d) Choose the meaning of the word in italics in the sentence below from the given list.

2 “The minister compelled the other candidates to show their pockets.”
(a) threatened, (b) punished, (c) forced,
(d) described
(e) Find out in the passage two words which mean—
(a) country ruled by a king or a queen
(b) announced.
(4) Of the following statements only two are true. Write out: the true statements.
(a) Only one candidate appeared for selection.
(b) Only one candidate danced.
(c) All the candidates were asked to dance.
- dy The minister did not find out the thieves.

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