Passage for Exercise-22

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow :

    One day. a man was walking alone in the country. He walked a long and became tired and hungry. At last he saw a cottage. An old woman was sitting outside the cottage. I “Good afternoon, madara”, the man said, “I am very tired and hungry, May I come in and rest, foratime?”

    The old woman said, “Yes, please come in and sit down, I am going to lay the table and make some tea.”’ Pig weet She took out the-tea things from the cupboard and placed them on the table. She also brought out a jug of milk and a bowl of sugar.
    “Help yourself, sir,” she said, “‘cut some bread and take some butter and cheese. Nothing tastes so good as bread and cheese when you are hungry. soon as the kettle boils, you shall have some tea.”


(a) Why was the mantired?
(b) Where did he find the old woman ?
(c) What did he want to do inside the house ?
(d) Did the woman give him a light meal or a heavymeal?
(e) When would she give him some tea ?
(f) Which items of the food given were made from milk 2-0:
(g) Which word or phrase in the passage show _ that the cottage was notinatown?
(h) Of the foliowing statements only two are_ true. Write out the true statements. —
(i) The man came to the cottage at noon.
(ii) He asked for permission to enter into the pottage.
(iii) The woman refused to use tea leaves for making tea.
(iv) Food tastes best when the eater is oe hungry.

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