Passage for Exercise-23

Read the following passage. and answer the questions that follow:

    A good citizen is not a man who gives up doing all the things he would like to do and does unpleasant things to please other people. Many of the men and women who made the greatest contributions to civilizations were just doing what they really wanted to do. Charles Darwin who was a great anthropologist, George Stepenson, who enjoyed himself building steam-engines; Florence Nightingale, who wanted to look after the wounded soldiers of the Crimean War-all helped to make life happier for us, and they did this by doing what they were interested in doing. But certain other people whom we will not name also did what they wanted to do, and only made life more difficult for those who followed.


(a) What did Florence Nightingale do ?
(b) There are two common things about Charles Darwin, George Stephenson and Florence Nightingale. What are these?
 (c) Write true or false against each of the following statements.
(i) A good citizen does not do anything to please himself only.
(ii) A man who works for his pleasure cannot do good to others.
(iii) Some people, with their work, made life more difficult for others.
(d) Find out from the passage a word which is the opposite of pleasant. hit
(e) Frame sentences of your own, using look after.
(f) Combine the following two sentences into one by using what. (Examples of such a sentence are there in the passage)
He wanted to do something. He did it.

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