Passage for Exercise-24

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

    All of us know the old tale about the bundle of sticks. An old Brahmin, when dying, called all his sons together and presenting them with a bundle of sticks, asked them to break it. They could not break the sticks tied up in a bundle, but they could easily do so when they were separate. In this way, the old man tried to impress upon his sons the valuable lesson that union is strength. “A house divided against itself cannot stand’. The same is true of a nation. A nation whose members are constantly fighting among themselves soon falls a prey to foreign aggression. Divided it is weak. A united family, a united army, a united nation is strong. ‘United we stand; divided, we fall.’

(a) When did the old man call his sons ?
(b) What did the old man ask his sons to do with the bundle of sticks?
(c) What was the valuable lésson given by the old man to his sons?
(d) Which nation is a strong one?
(e) What is the opposite word of ‘united’?
(f) What is the opposite word of ‘old’?
(g) What is the noun form of ‘true’?
(h) Of the following statements only two are true. Write the true statements.
 (i) The old man called his sons one by one.
(ii) Aunited family is strong.
(iii) We cannot stand if we are united.
(iv) The sons could break the sticks when __ they were separate.

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