Passage for Exercise-25

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

    Many years ago-in Athens, there was a king called Aegeus. His son Thesus was brought up in a village. When Thesus grew up, he came to Athens. De eee Loe
After he had been in the palace for some days, Thesus was woken up one morning by the sound of many people crying. Thesus immediately ran to his father and asked him why the people were crying.

    His father said, “Across the sea, there is an island called Crete. Some years ago there was a war between our city and the city of Crete. We were defeated and we had to beg for peace. Now the ruler of Crete is king Minos, who is cruel and harsh. He agreed to give us peace on condition that every year we send him seven maidens and seven young men.”

    “What will happen to these young people when they get to Crete?” asked Thesus.

    “King Minos has a terrible monster called the Minotaur,” said Thesus’ father. “‘He is a fierce and wicked beast, half-bull and half-man.” Every year he eats seven maidens and seven young men.” “Can they not fight the monster?’’ asked Thesus.

    “No’, replied the king. They are given one by one to the Minotaur and no man by himself can defeat the monster. Today the people of Athens will choose seven maidens and seven young men to send to Crete. They will all be eaten up by the Minotaur.


(a) Write true or false against each of the following sentences.
(i) King Minos was a very kind man.
(a) Thesus was always with his father when he was a child.
(b) What is the adjective form of the word ‘king? In the passage?
(c) What is the opposite word for cruel?
(d) What is the past tense form of the verb 'choose'?
(e) What happened to the young men and 2 women who were sent to Crete every year?
(f) Why could not the young men fight with the Minotaur?
(g) What was the Minotaur?

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