Passage for Exercise-26

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    It is a disturbing fact that today many different kinds of wild animal throughout the world are in danger of extinction. The reasons for this are many and varied, but we must largely blame pollution, pesticides, the disturbance of the animals’ natural environment and man’s greed and thoughtlessness.

    Industry has grown enormously, and it has become common practice to dispose of waste matter in streams and rivers, causing great loss of river life. Modern agricultural methods include the use of pesticides which effectively control insects classified as pests, but which also destroy many that are not. An increase in population has meant more building and with it the destruction of much of the countryside that provides habitat for wild animals. To satisfy man’s selfish desires the polar bear in North America is under threat, hunted by sportsmen; in Borneo and Sumatra the orang-utan has become part of a smuggling racket; in South America the chinchilla is almost extinct because- its fur is in demand; whales are massacred worldwide for-the oil and food they yield. These are only a:few of the species under threat.

    But the problem is receiving world-wide recognition, and some action is being taken. To name a few examples sewage pollution in the river Thames has been greatly reduced; a ban on trading in some furs has been agreed; and organizations like Friends of the Earth to valuable work in this deserving cause.


(a) Cite the reasons as to why some species of wild animals are on the verge of extinction?
(b) What has brought about the destruction of much of the countryside?
(ce) Why are the polar bear and the whales under threat?
(d) Which animal is hunted for its fur?
(e) Find a word in the passage which means "agreat slaughter".
(i) “ a great slaughter”
(ii) “an animal’s or plant’s natural environment.’’

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