Passage for Exercise-30

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

A certain man had two sons and the younger asked his father to divide his money and give him his share. The father did it and soon the younger son left his father’s house and spent all his money with companions like himself.-Then there was a famine in the country to which he had gone and soon he was starving. He tried to get work and he was hired by a farmer who sent him to feed swine. In his misery, he thought of home, of his father who was so good even to his servants and he said, “I will go to my father and  will say to him, “Father, I have sinned. I am not worthy to be called the son: make me one of the hired servants”. He went back, and when his father saw him coming, ran to meet him. His son began, “Father, I have sinned.” But his father seeing the stage in which he was, told the servants to bring cloths and shoes and all that his son needed and prepare a grand feast for him.


(a) What did the younger son ask his father to do?
(b) What did he do with the share of his money?
(c) What happened to the country to which he had gone?
(d) What did he think in his misery?
(e) What did he say to his father when he came back?
(f) Mention the things that the father had asked his servants to bring his younger son?
(g) Why did the father ask his servants to arrange a grand feast?
(h) Which word in the passage means the following:-

(i)                             Suffering from hunger.
(ii)                           Extreme scarcity of food.
(iii)                         deserving.
(iv)                         distress.

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