Passage for Exercise-31

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    Tanya was a Russian girl of eighteen. She was the daughter of a school teacher. The Germans invaded Russia in 1941. Tanya heard now cruelly the enemies were treating her countrymen. She was eager to fight the Germans but as she was girl, she could not become a soldier. She was however, given other works to do. It was difficult, but she made up her mind to fulfill her task. She hid among the Germans in one of the conquered villages. She cut off their telephone lines and set fire to their stores. One day she came upon a place where horses were kept, and thought of burning it down. But just as she was going to do it, she was caught by a German soldier. He took her to their leader. They tried to make her say where she had come from and how many there were like her. But as much as they beat this brave girl, she did not tell them anything. In the end, she was put to death. She died bravely, saying, “You are killing me, but my countrymen are sure to take revenge on you”.


(a) Who was Tanya?
(b) When did the Germans invade Russia?
(c) Why was Tanya eager to fight the Germans?
(d) Why couldn’t Tanya become a soldier?
(e) Where did she hide herself?
(f) What did the Germans want to know from her?
(g) What were Tanya’s last words?
(h) Which words in the passage mean the following:
(i) attacked; (ii) decided ; (iii) anxious; (iv) killed.

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