Passage for Exercise-34

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    When Joan was admitted to the court, the king pretended that some one else was he, but Joan was not deceived. All through her brief but marvellous career, she proved that she was guided by a higher power than that which was merely mortal.

    Though she rode on armour and carried a sword, she never killed any men and at night she slept fully armed in a cup of thin wine mixed with water. Her father was a labourer in the fields, while Joan was attending to her duties round the homestead at mid-day, a strange voice came to her. She believed it was the voice of God instructing her to save the country from the England. She led a force of men to Orleans and was successful is entering the city. Later she friend Rheims Charles went there to be crowned.


(a) How did the king try to find out whether Joan was genuine?
(b) What guided her through her days of stress?
(c) What work did her father do?
(d) What did she first hear the voice?
(e) What did the voice-instruct her to do?
(f) What city did she first enter into?
(g) What other city of Franch did she save?
(h) When was king Charles crowned?
(i) Which word in the passage means the following:
(i) seldom; (ii) excellent; (iii) wet; (iv) advising.

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