Passage for Exercise-35

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

A young lad was passing along a lane in Benaras. He had a bunch of bananas in his hand. A troop of monkeys followed him: Soon they became so bold that they tried to snatch away the fruits.

The lad began to run in fear. This only made the monkeys bolder still. They ran after the lad and were about to fall upon him. Just then, the lad heard a voice, “Don’t run away, my boy, This only puts you in greater danger. Face the monkeys and they will stop.” Looking up, the lad saw a Sanyasi close by. He took heart and turned round to face the monkeys. They stopped at once. He moved a few steps towards them and they fell back. He then walked willfully on bolder steps through the monkeys. They fell back still more and then went away. The lesson went deep into the lad’s mind. In after-life, he became Vivekananda. He then taught, “Be not afraid of anything. The moment you fear you are gone. It is fear that is the cause of misery in the world.”


(a) Who was the young lad?
(b) Why did the monkeys follow | him?
(c) What made the monkeys bolder still?
(d) What made him courageous?
(e) What made the monkeys to stop chasing?
(f) How did the lad pass through the monkeys without being harmed?
(g) What lesson did he learn from this incident?
(h) Pick out two phrases from the passage which mean: (i) attack, (ii) to ‘have courage’.
(j) Pick out two collective nouns from the passage.

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