Passage for Exercise-36

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    About one hundred years ago, a girl of seventeen came out of a door of a fine house in Derbyshire in England. She carried a basket containing, a bottle of milk and some fruits.

    The girl walked across the fields until she came to a cottage. Florence Nightingale, for that was the name, went in. She attended upon some sick children and their mother. She called in a doctor and paid for the medicines. She put the sick-beds in order and gave the children some milk and fruits. She did this everyday until the mother and her children were cured.

    Miss Nightingale’s parents were rich. When she told her parents that she wished to become a nurse, they would not hear of it. In those days it was not a fine thing to be a nurse. Nurses were old, ignorant women, who knew little of their duties. But Florence Nightingale had made up her mind to become a nurse.

    When she was a few years older, she visited France and Germany. She went to see the hospitals in those countries. She saw how the doctors and nurses took care of sick people.


(a) Where was the girl living?
(b) What things did she carry in basket?
(c) How did she attend the sick people?
(d) How were the nurses of those days when Florence Nightingale wanted to become a nurse?
(e) Why did she visit France and Germany?
(f) Why did not her parents like that she should be a nurse?
(g) Which words of the passage mean the following:
  • (i) nursed
  • (ii) father and mother
  • (iii) decided
  • (iv) not wise

(h) Change the voice of— “She called in a doctor’.

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