Passage for Exercise-37

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    One day I was going towards my boat. it was about noon. I got the surprise of my life when I saw the print of a man’s foot on the shore. Yes, it was certainly a print of a naked foot. There was no doubt about it— it was very plain to be seen on sand. I stood like one thunderstruck or as 1f | have seen a ghost. I listened, I looked round me. I could hear nothing nor see anything. I went up to arising ground to look further. I went up the shore and down the shore but I could see no other impression but that one. I went to see it again if there were any more and to observe if 1t might not be my fancy but there was no room for mistake. There it was exactly the very print of a man’s foot, toes, heel and every part of a foot. Than I was so full of fear that I rushed back to my tent for safety.


(a) Where was the writer going?
(b) What time was it?
(c) What did he see on the shore?
(d) What was his feeling at the sight of the human footprint?
(e) What did he do to make sure that he was not mistaken?
(f) What did he do for safety?
(g) What are the meanings of—
(i) the surprise of my life
(ii) a naked foot
(iii) thunderstuck
(v) toes
(h) Give the opposites of:-
(i) Safety; (ii) plain.
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