Passage for Exercise-39

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    One summer evening a fisherman met a plainly dressed lady walking alone on the sea-shore. He approached her saying that he had a petition which he wished to present to the Queen, but he did not know how to proceed in order to do so. “Did you ever seen the Queen?” asked the lady.”No,” was the answer, ‘‘but I am told she is very ugly,” Give me the petition in any case said the lady, “and it shall be placed in the hands of the Queen herself.”

    The fisherman complied with the request and a few days later he. was Called to the Queen’s palace. He was greatly surprised to find that she was the person to whom he had given his petition. He began to stammer for some excuse but the Queen stopped him.” Your petition is granted,” said she smilingly, “and henceforth when people say that the Queen has an ugly face, please add,” But she has also a kind heart”.


(1) Where did the fisherman meet the lady?
(2) What was the lady doing when the fisherman met her?
(3) Why did the fisherman approach the lady?
(4)What did the lady ask the fisherman?
(5) What did the fisherman say about the Queen?
(6)How did the fisherman come to know that the lady was the Queen?
(7) What did the Queen say to the fisherman?
(8) Which words in the passage mean the following:-
  • (a) ordinary 
  • (b) deformed 
  • (c) half in one’s speech 
  • (d) agreed.

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