Passage for Exercise-40

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

   A story which has come down the ages says that when Kabir died the Hindus and the Muslims quarrelled over his dead body. The Hindus desired to burn his body and the Muslims wanted to bury it. Then Kabir himself appeared before them and said, “Lift the cloth and look beneath.”

   This they did. The dead body had disappeared, and in its place was a heap of lovely flowers.

   The Muslims took one half of it and buried it at Gorapur. The other half was taken by the Hindus to the holy city of Benaras and burmed.


(a) Who quarrelled after the death of Kabir?
(b) Why did they quarrel?
(c) Who appeared before them and what he said?
(d) What did they do after he had spoken?
(e) What did they find beneath the cloth?
(f) What did they do with the flowers?
(g) Who is the central figure of the story?
(h) Pick out a word which means ‘sacred’?
(i) Pick out a collective noun from the passage.

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