Passage for Exercise-41

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

   Glaucus stood, straight and firm, waiting for the expected rush of the lion. But to every one’s astonishment the animal did not even seem to notice the presence of the man. At the first moment of its release it paused in the arena, raised itself on its back legs, and sniffed the air. Then suddenly it sprang forward, but not on the Athenian. It circled round and round the arena, turning its great head from side to side, as if looking for some way to escape. Once or twice it tried to leap up the wall that divided it from the audience. It showed no sign of either rage or hunger, but waved its tail unceasingly and rolled its eyes from side to side. At last, it tried to escape, it crept back into it’s cage, and once more laid itself down to rest.


(a) Who was waiting for the release of the lion?
(b) What had he been doing?
(c) What did the lion do just when it was released?
(d) Why everybody in the audience was astonished?
(e) Did the lion show any sign of rage, hunger and what were it’s tail and eyes doing?
(f) Did the lion spring upon the Athenian and what was it trying to do? What did the lion ultimately do?
(g) Pick out a word from the passage that means “persons who hear.”
(h) Pick out a word which means ‘surprise.’

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