Passage for Exercise-42

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    Once upon a time, a washerman had an ass which was too old to work. So he made up his mind to sell it in the nearest market. The ass overheard this and said to himself, “I will go to the city and try my luck as musician, for I have a very fine voice.” The ass had not gone far when he met a dog panting by the road side. The dog said to the ass, “Alas, my master was going to knock me on the head because I am too old.” “Don’t you worry, my friend.” said the ass, “you shall come along with me to the city. We will settle down as musician, and make an honest living.


(a) Why did the washerman make up his mind to sell his ass?
(b) Why did the ass want to go to the city?
(c) Whom did the ass meet on the way when he was going to the city?
(d) What did the dog tell him?
(e) Why did the ass advice him not to worry?
(f) Pick out an expression meaning ‘decided.’
(g) Substitute a single for ‘one who earns his living by singing.’

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