Passage for Exercise-43

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

   Long, long ago there lived in the land of Madras a good and kind king called Ashyapati. He had a daughter named Savitri, She quickly grew up. One day her father said to her, “It is time for you to be married, but no one comes for you. So, go forth yourself, and choose the husband you would like.”

   So Savitri, riding in a golden car, visited the holy places. One day as she was passing through a forest, she saw a tall, handsome young man cutting wood. As soon as her eyes fell upon him, her heart was filled with love. Here was her future husband. She made up her mind to marry him and no other. She sent her attendants to inquire who he was. Soon they returned and told her that his name was Satyavan, that he lived with his parents in that forest and that his father was blind and had been driven from the throne by his enemy. Though Satyavan looked like a wood-cutter, Savitri felt that he was the man of her heart. So she at once set off to tell her father about her future husband.


(a) What part of the land did Ashyapati rule?
(b) What did he tell Savitri to do?
(c) Whom did she see while passing through a forest?
(d) What was the effect on her when her eyes fell on the young wood-cutter?
(e) What was the name of the wood-cutter?
(f) Whom did Savitri send to inquire who the wood-cutter was?
(g) Pick out a word which means ‘persons who attend on others‘ to obey their order.’
(h) Give the opposites of:— (i) tall,  (ii) enemy.

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