Passage for Exercise-44

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    One afternoon in June, Franklin and his son saw a thunder-cloud in the sky. He and his son at once went out with the strange kite. They sent it up again and again into the air. The cloud passed and no lightning struck the kite. Franklin began to think what was wrong.

    All on a sudden he felt a shock and saw an electric spark. At this time it began to rain. He held an electric jar near the key and filled it with electricity. It was lucky that Franklin and his son were not struck by lightning during the experiment. Many years later a Russian while making the same experiment was killed.

    Franklin proved that lightning is electricity. But he did not stop with the discovery. He made new experiment and the lightning conductor was the first useful result.


(a) What did Franklin and his son see one afternoon in the month of June?
(b) What did they do then?
(c) Why did Franklin think that he was wrong?
(d) What happened to the Russian doing the same experiment?
(e) What did Franklin prove?
(f) What was the first useful result of Franklin’s experiment?
(g) Pick out a word which means “not common or usual.’
(h) Pick out a phrase which means ‘suddenly.’

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