Passage for Exercise-46

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    Self reliance is the pilgrim’s best staff, the worker’s best tool. It is the master key that unlocks-all the difficulties of life. “Help yourself and heaven will help you” is a maxim which receives daily confirmation. He who begins with crutches will generally end with crutches. Help from within always strengthens but help from without invariably enfeebles the recipient. It is not in the sheltered garden but on the rugged Alpine cliff, where the toughest plants are reared.


(a) What is the master key to success and why?
(b) What is the maxim that receives daily confirmation?
(c) What is the case with a person that begins with crutches?
(d) What does help from without do?
(e) What does help from within do?
(f) Where are the toughest plants reared?
(g) Pick out a word that means ‘a wise saying.’
(h) Pick out a word that means ‘one who receives a thing.’

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