Passage for Exercise-47

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    India is our motherland. She does not like disintegration. She had to be under foreign rule for about two hundred years, because of disintegration and selfishness of her children. India became independent on the 15th of August, 1947. For the last 54 years of her independence, She had to struggle hard to make herself strong economically and politically. A few foreign powers tried to invade her but their aggressive attempt was foiled by the valiant people of India. To-day children are conscious of their duty to her. They realize the value of national unity and amity.

    The emergency has taught them to forget quarrels, unnecessary loss of energy and selfishness. To-day India is a united nation. The Indians work hard to make their Motherland rich, prosperous and powerful. Indians, irrestective of caste and creed are ready to lay down their lives fer their motherland India.


(a) What is India?
(b) Why was India under foreign rule for a long period?
(c) When did India regain her independence?
(d) What did India do in the last 54 years?
(e) Why did foreigners fail to invade India after her independence?
(f) What does the emergency teach us?
(h) Who are the Indians ready to do for their motherland today?
(i) Which words in the passage ment the following:-
  • (1) aware of 
  • (2) division 
  • (3) fight 
  • (4) attack

(j) Pick out an experession — which means ‘to sacrifice.’

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