Passage for Exercise-48

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    It is related to the gallant Sir Ralph that when mortally wounded in the battle, he was carried on board a ship, and to mitigate his pain, a soldier’s blanket was placed under his head. He got great relief. He asked what it was. “It’s only a soldier’s blanker,” was the reply. “Whose blanket is this?” said he in almost a feeble voice. “Only one of the men’s” was the reply. ‘I wish to know the name of the man whose blanket is this,” said Sir Ralph. “It is Duncan Roy’s of 42nd, Sir Ralph.” Then see that Duncan gets the blanket this very night.” Even to alleviate his dying agony, the general would not deprive the soldier of his blanket for one night. “The incident is as good in its way as that of dying Philip Sydney handing his cup of water over to a wounded soldier in the field of Zutphen.


A. Some of the statements given below are true and some are false. Find out the statements which are true. You need not write the statements, only write down the number of the statement.

(i) Sir Ralph was lightly wounded in the battle.
(ii) Sir Ralph did not wish to deprive his soldier of his blanket even for a night.
(iii) Ralph was generous in his own way as Sir Philip Sydney.
(iv) Duncan Roy was the general of a regiment.
(v) Sir Ralph had a deep concern for the welfare of his soldiers.
(vi) Sir Ralph was wounded in the battle of Zutphen.

(1) Why was a blanket placed under the head of Sir Ralph?
(2) To whom did the blanket belong?
(3) Why did Sir Ralph want its immediate return?
(4) What other story does the incident of Sir Ralph remind us?
(5) Pick out a word from the passage which means ‘lesson.’
(6) Pick out a word which means ‘very brave.’
(7) Pick out a word which means ‘about to die.’

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