Passage for Exercise-49

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    As I was looking at the imprint and questing at the size of the animal that had made it, I saw some of the blades of grass that had been crushed down, spring erect. This indicated that the tiger had gone only a minute or so.............My first thought on seeing the grass spring erect was that the tiger had seen me and moved off. But this I soon found was not likely, for neither the rock nor the kill was visible from the grass plot, and that he had not seen me and moved after I had taken up his comfortable bed and gone away. The sun shining on the back of my neck provided the answer. It was now nine O’clock of an unpleasant hot May morning, and a glance at the sun and the tree-tops over which it had come showed that it had been shining on the grass for ten minutes. The tiger had evidently found it too hot, and gone away a few minutes before my arrival to look for a shady spot. (From ‘The End of the Mohan Man Eater’: Jim Corbett)


(1) Why did the tiger leave the grass plot?
(11) How did Corbett know that the tiger had not seen him?
(i) “But this I soon found was not likely................"What does ‘this’ refer to?
(iv) Make two sentences using ‘glance’ as a noun and as a verb.
(v) Choose the appropriate meaning of the word in italics.
Neither the rock nor the kill was visible.
  • A. Far away
  • B. nearby
  • C. could be seen
  • D. familiar

(vi) Of the following statements, only two are true. Write out the true statements.
(a) The tiger actually saw Corbett and moved off.
(b) Corbett was standing on the grass plot near the place where the tiger had lain.
(c) Corbett guessed that the tiger had left only a short while ago.
(d) By looking at the crushed grass, Corbett knew that the tiger was very strong.

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