Passage for Exercise-50

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    William Tell was instantly seized and taken before the Government, who determined to take cruel revenge. Turning to the captive he said, “I have heard that you are a famous archer. You can now prove your skill.” Placing an apple upon the head of Tell’s little son, he ordered the father to shoot the apple from his son’s head. Tell turned pale with fear, but the lad himself called out, “Shoot, father! I am not afraid, for I know, you will not miss.” The child’s brave words gave Tell self-confidence and he fitted an arrow to his bow. While those around stood silent and anxious, he raised his bow, shot, and the arrow flying straight and true to its mark, cut the apply in two.

(i) Answer the following question:

(a) What had the Governor heard of William Tell?
(b) How did the Governor want William Tell to prove his skill?
(c) Why did William Tell turn pale with fear?
(d) How did the boy help William Tell to regain his self-confidence?

(ii) Rewrite the following sentences replacing the word/phrase in brackets with a word from the above passage to express the same meaning:
(a) When the man saw the fire, he (immediately) rang up the fire station.
(b) He (decided) to set up a shop in the village.

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