Passage for Exercise-51

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    The Lucknow Express was just moving out. The trian had still to pick up speed and I should have been able to jump into one  of the carriages. But | hasitated for some reason I cannot explain  and I lost the chance to get away. When the train had gone, I found myself standing alone on the deserted platform. I had no idea where to spend the night. I had no friends, believing that friends were more for trouble than help. And I did want to
make anyone curious by staying at one of the small hotels near the station.

The only person I knew really well was the man I had robbed.
(i) Was it too difficult for the speaker to board the train?
(ii) How did the speaker loose the chance to get away?
(iii) Choose the meaning of the word in italics. I should have been able to jump into one of the carriage.
(a) engines (b) platforms (c) coaches.
(iv) Construct a sentence using the noun form of the verb rob.
(v) Of the following statements only two are true. Write out the true statements.
(a) The train was moving fast
(b) He jumped into a carriage
(c) He did not have many friends there
(d) The station was not crowded.

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