Passage for Exercise-52

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    Another group of diseases is due to food which does not contain enough of one or another of vitamins. The first diseases which were conclusively shown to be of this kind were scurvy and beri-beri. The former was common among sailors who were restricted to such food as ship’s biscuits and salted meat on long voyages. The latter is mainly found in rice eating countries such as Java and Japan.

    The sailors who died of scurvy called attention to the problem and saved the babies born a hundred years later from a good deal of suffering and a certain number of deaths. Later, rickets fell into the line, although many doctors had ascribed it to lack of sunshine or bad heredity. They were probably night in both cases, no matter how had its heredity or how dark its home, provided it is given enough vitamin D to eat.


(i) Answer the following question:
(a) Name two diseases which are due to want of a particular vitamine.
(b) Why is it that scurvy was common among sailors?
(c) Which disease is common in rice eating countries?
(d) How did the sailors save babies born a hundred years later?

(ii)  Rewrite the following sentences replacing the word/phrase in brackets with a word or phrase from the above passage to express the same meaning.
(a) We have (sufficient) food to last the winter months.
(b) She had to face (much) trouble in rearing her children.

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