Passage for Exercise-55

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    In Athens when people were condemned to die, they were given a cup of poison. Socrates knew this, and he nodded to the jailor who looked at him sadly saying. “You, Socrates, whom I know to be the noblest and gentlest and best of all who ever came to this place, will not be angry with me when I ask you to drink the poison, for other and not I am to blame. Goodbye, Socrates! Try to bear lightly what has to happen: I can’t help
this.” Bursting into tears, he went out and returned with a cup of poison.

    “May the gods help me in my journy from this to that other world!” said Socrates and lifted the cup to his lips. His pupils tried to keep back their tears, but one sobbed aloud and this distressed the other. Soon the room was filled with the sound of weeping.

    Socrates paused, with the draught still unfinished. “What is this strange outcry?” he asked, “I have heard that a man should die in peace. Be silent and have patience.” He looked round, remembering something, “Crito,” he whispered to one of his pupils, “I owe a cock to Asclepius. Will you pay the debt?”


(i) How were condemned people put to death in Athens during the days of Socrates?
(ii) What did Socrates say just before drinking the cup of poison?
(iii) What did Socrates ask Crito to do?
(iv) Choose the meaning of the word in ialics in the sentence below  from the given list.

“One sobbed aloud and this distressed the others.”
(a) worried
(b) annoyed
(c) cheered
(d) saddened

(v) Find out in the passage two words which mean—
(a) amount drunk in one swallow
(b) waited.

(vi) Of the following statements only two are true. Write out the true statements.
(a) Socrates had given a cock to Asclepius.
(b) Socrates cried before he drank the poison.
(c) The jailor was sorry to hand the cup of poison to Socrates.
(d) Socrates asked his pupils to stop crying.

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