Passage for Exercise-58

Read the following passages and answer the questions that follow:

    ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ and it is recognized that the only way to get rid of malaria completely is to get rid of the mosquitoes which cause it. Malaria is always associated with damp and marshy land. This is not because the land is damp, but because the standing water is the breeding place of the mosquito, which begins its life as a larva living in the water. Malaria does not frequently occur in dry desert countries because mosquitoes cannot breed there. The only way to destroy mosquitoes is to prevent their breeding in standing water. This can be done by draining all ponds and pools; and by keeping them covered in the breeding season with a film of kerosene oil, which by depriving the larvae of air, kills them.


(a) Choose the correct alternative:
Malaria is caused by—
(a) marshy land
(b) damp land
(c) standing water
(d) mosquitoes.
(b) (i) What is the verb form of ‘prevention?’
(ii) Make a sentence with it.
(c) What is the opposite word of ‘life’?
(d) What is the breeding place of mosquitoes?
(e) Can malaria occur in desert countries?
     (Answer Yes or No.)

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