Passage for Exercise-63

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below: 

    But though I was none the worse for having neglected exercise, I am still paying the price of another neglect. I do not know whence I got the notion that good handwriting was not a necessary part of education, but I retained it until I went to England. When later, especially in South Africa, I saw the beautiful handwriting of lawyers and young men born and educated in South Africa. I was ashamed myself and repented of my neglect. I say that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education. I tried later to improve mine, but it was too late. I could never repair the neglect of my youth. Let every man and woman be warned by my example, and understand that good handwriting is a necessary part of education. I am now of the opinion that children should first be taught that art of drawing before learning to write.


(i) What are the two things neglected by the speaker?
(ii) What is it that he had tried to improve later?
(iii) When did he realise his neglect?
(iv) Could he repair the neglect of his youth?
(v) What warning did he give to others on this matter?
(vi) What was his opinion to make a beginning for good handwriting?

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