Passage for Exercise-65

Read the following passages carefully. and answer the questions given below each passage:

   I had then the false notion that gymnastics had nothing to do with education. Today, I know that physical training should have as much place in the curriculum as mental training. I may mention, however that I was none the worse for abstaining from exercise. That was because I had read in books about the benefits of long walks in the open air and having liked the advice. I had formed a habit of taking walks which had.still remained with me. These walks gave me a fairly hard constitution. The reason of my dislike for gymnastics was my keen desire to serve as a nurse to my father.


(a) What was the false notion of the speaker?
(b) How, according to the speaker, should physical training be regarded in the curriculum?
(c) What did he do to keep himself physical by fit and strong?
(d) Why did he dislike gymnastics?
(e) Which word in the passage means the following:—
(i) Games and Physical exercise.
(ii) Health.

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