Passage for Exercise-66

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below: 

   Akbar believed in a firm and just rule and was anxious that all his subjects should have justice. He divided his empire: into  provinces, each of which was ruled by a governor. These governors were responsible to the emperor for keeping the peace in their several provinces and the emperor was very hard upon them if they did not govern properly.

   Akbar was an able and intelligent emperor and very wise in his choice of ministers. He knew, by instinct, men of worth and ability and entrusted them and they always remained Ioyal to him. There were many such men at the court of Akbar, of these two were famous. One was Raja Todar Mal. He began his life as a soldier but by his ability as an able administrator and a good financier, he rose to be a minister. It was he who advised Akbar how to collect the revenue on land.’ Another men of whom Akbar was very fond was Abul Fazl. He was a poet as well as a philosopher. Akbar had a great faith in him and made him an adviser in everything.


(a) Find words in the passage which mean the following:—
(i) True and faithful,
(ii) Well known,
(iii) Ruler of a group of countries or nations,
(iv) Income of a government.
(b) How did Todar Mal help Akbar?
(c) What special qualities were possessed by Abul Fazl?
(d) What kind of men did Akbar choose as ministers?
(e) What was Todar Mal at the beginning of his career?
(f) Describe how Akbar arranged to have his empire governed properly?

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