Passage for Exercise-69

Read the following passages and answer the questions given below:-

   The man in the corner addressed himself to the husband, who had buried himself in his news paper in the obvious hope of being over-looked. The man explained with what deadly aim the wind came into his corner, and how if the window were shut and the corridor door was opened they could have plenty of air without discomfort. Dragged thus into the fighting-line, the husband lowered his paper and looked over his glasses timidly in the direction of his wife. She had a copy of a picture paper in her hands, and without looking at her husband she emitted a little short and turned the pages as if she were wringing their necks. The husband, who had a kindly face and looked as though he had long since laid down his arms in an unequal battle, knew the symptoms. He uttered no word to the terrific woman by the window, but turning to the man and still looking benignly over his glasses, offered to take the post of peril in the corner. The man said, No, he was quite comfortable in his corner if the window were closed. He put on his hat, turned up his coat collar, held up his paper against the gale and fell silent..

Answer the following questions.
(a) Why did the husband bury himself in his newspaper?
(b) What was there in the lady’s hand?
(c) How did the lady express her anger?
(d) How did the man say to the husband?

(i) Rewrite the following sentences replacing the words in brackets with / a word phrase from the above passage to express the same meaning.
(a) He (wore) his new dress in the morning.
(b) At last, they (surrendered) to the enemies.

(ii) Construct a sentence using the verb form of the noun ‘hand’.

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