Passage for Exercise-70

Read the following passage and answer the questions that are given below:

    The Spartans lived in Greece over twenty centuries ago, but their fame is known throughout the West even today. This is because they wanted to be fine men, and not rich men,—because they wanted what was good for mind, body and soul and not what was pleasant. To this day, we call a man ‘a Spartan’ if we wish to say that he knows how to deny himself. The Spartans were better than the other Greeks because they had better aims. When the rest of Greece was trying to get rich and to live in luxury, Spartan was trying to get strong, to live in such a way as should be the very best for mind, body and soul.


(i) Answer the following questions.
 (a) When did the Spartans live in Greece?
(b) What did the rest of Greece try to get?
(c) Did the Spartans want to get strong?

(ii) Of the following statements only two are true. Write out these statements.
(a) The Spartans wanted what was pleasant.
(b) The other Greeks had better aims than the Spartans.
(c) The Spartans wanted to be fine men.
(d) The fame of the Spartans is known even today.

(iii) Give the noun forms of the following words:
(a) Pleasant (b) Strong.

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