Passage for Exercise-71

Read the following passages and answer the questions given below:

    Jyoti prasad Agarwala was born in 1903 at Tezpur. He began his education in his home town and later went to Calcutta and England for higher studies. He spent some time in Germany learning about film-making. After his return, he joined the freedom struggle and was imprisoned. He died in 1951.

    Jyoti Prasad wrote many plays and essays and composed many songs. His songs form a Class by themselves, are now known as Jyoti sangit. Jyoti Prasad made the first Assamese film, ‘Joymati’ in 1935 and then Indramalati, later.

    Jyoti Prasad tried to make our society better through art and literature. He went out to the people and worked among them. He tried to bring light and beauty to the lives of the Assamese people.

Answer the questions:

(i) Where did Jyoti Prasad get his education?
(ii) Why did he spend some time in Germany?
(iii) Why was he imprisoned?
(iv) What did he do for the Assamese art and culture?
(v) What do you mean by Jyoti sangit?

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