Passage for Exercise-72

Read the following passage and answer the questions that are given below:

    Socrates belived that-every one should learn to think for himself, so that by using his reason he would have the power to see what was right, just, true and beautiful and so shape his own conduct.

    He wanted Athens to be a perfect state. He told his pupils and all who talked to him that this could only happen if every citizen educated his own mind to see what was right and noble,“He believed’ that questioning and discussing things would help them to do this —
and so he was for ever talking to them in the open street.

Answer the questions—

(i) How one could shave his own conduct?
(ii) What did Socrates tell the people in the open street?
(iii) How according to Socrate, Athens would be a perfect state?
(iv) What is Athens?
(v) Give the opposite word of ‘beautiful’,
(vi) Give the noun form of ‘just’.

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