Passage for Exercise-73

Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions that follow:—

   I entered a railway carriage at a country station the other morning and found myself in a compartment containing five people. I took a vacant seat between a man in the corridor corner and a lady dressed in handsome furs in the window corner. A girl whom I took for the lady’s daughter sat opposite to her, aod a gentleman whom I took to be the lady’s husband sat next to the girl, while another man occupied the remaining corner by the corridor. These people had all evidently been in the train sometime, and on entering was vaguely sensible of having broken in upon a drama which was unfinished. The atmosphere seemed charged with feelings whose expression had only been suspended, and I was not surprised when, the train being in motion, hostilities were resumed.

(a) Answer the following questions —

(i) How many passengers did the speaker find in the compartment?
(ii) Where did the speaker take his seat in the railway compartment?
(iii) Whom did the speaker take for the lady’s husband?
(iv) How did the speaker come to know that there was a quarrel on in the compartment?
(v) When did the quarrel begin again?
(vi) Find out the words from the passage, which mean the opposite of the following:
       ugly, wife, son, stopped.
(vii) Use the following in your own sentences—
       take for, break in upon.

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