Passage for Exercise-74

Read the following passage and answer the questions that are given below:

    One day in 1928. Dr. Fleming was working in his laboratory an London. He was growing the germs of a disease on some glass plates in order to study them. He suddenly noticed a small mould growing in one of the Plates. He removed the mould carefully and looked at it through his microscope. He saw that the germs round the mould had died. He studied the mould more closely. He found that the mould contained some substance that could kill the germs. He did not precisely know what this substance was, but he gave it a name. He called it Penicilin.

    Dr. Fleming’s discovery remained unknown to the world until 1940. In that year, an Australian scientist named Dr. H. W. Florey began to study it carefully. He worked hard for a long time and successfully separated Penicillin from the mould, He then carried out experiments to find out whether it could be safely used as a medicine.

(a) Answer the following questions:

(i) What did Dr. Fleming notice on one of the plates?
(ii) What instrument did Dr. Fleming use to look at the mould?
(iii) Who was Dr. Flory?
(b) Use the verb form of ‘discovery’ in a sentence of your own.
(c) Of the four statements given below, only two are true,

Write out the true statements.
(i) Dr. Florey invented penicillin.
(ii) Dr. Florey was successful in separating penicillin from the mould.
(ii) Dr. Fleming did not at first know what the germ killing Substance was.
(iv) Dr. Fleming’s laboratory was in Australia.

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