Passage for Exercise-78

Read the following passage and answer the questions that are given below:

    Swami Vivekananda, once speaking in America, told of a young man who came to the religious teacher and said that he wanted to find God. The sage smiled and said nothing. The young man returned time after time, ever repeating his desire, his longing to find God. After many days, the sage told him to accompany him as he went to the river to take his morning bath and when both were in the river, the sage pushed the young man under the surface of water and held him there. The young man struggled hard but could not stake off his hold. Finally he raised him out of water and asked him, “My son, what did you long for most when under water?” “A breath of air,” gasped the youth. “Thus should a disciple long for God if he ist o find Him. If you have this longing for God, verily. He shall be found by you,” said the sage.


A. Answer the following questions:
(a) Why did the young man go to the religious teacher?
(b) What did the religious teacher do when the young man approached him for the first time?
(c) Why did the young man repeat his visits?
(d) What did the sage ask him after many days?
(e) What was the advice of the religious teacher at last?

B. Of the statements given below two are true. Write down the true statements:
(i) The boy did not try to come out of water.
(ii) The sage advised the boy to accompany him when he would go to river for a bath.
(iii) The desire of the boy was to worship God.
(iv) The boy tried utmost to have a breath of air when he was kept under water.

C. Find out the word or words from the passage which mean the following words.
(a) One who takes another as his teacher.
(b) Outward aspect of a material.

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