Passage for Exercise-80

Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions given below:

    There lived in a certain town of Persia two painters whose fame had spread far. Both were so good at their work that it was hard to say who was the better painter of the two. So it was settled that each was to draw picture, and there would be judges to decide who had done the better work. One of the painters painted a bunch of grapes which looked so natural that the birds came and pecked at it. The judges were struck with wonder and thought he was going to win. When they went to the other painter to see what he had done, he pointed to a screen that was before their eyes. The rival painter thought that the picture was behind the screen and went forward to see it. He was greatly surprised to find that there was no screen there, but only the picture of one that had been painted on the wall. The judges were speechless with wonder and gave the second painter the place of honour as his picture had deceived a man while that of his rival had deceived only the birds.

(i) Answer the following questions:

(a) What steps were taken to find out the better painter of the two?
(b) What pictures did they paint?
(c) Why was the second painter given the place of honour?
(ii) Rewrite the following sentences replacing the word/phrase in brackets with a word from the above passage to express the same meaning:
(a) It was (decided) that he would come to my house soon.
(b) His (reputation) has spread far and wide.

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