Passage for Exercise-82

Read the following passages and answer the questions given below:-

It was a winter night when a snake failed to find out a warm Shelter. The ground was covered with a layer of snow. In a desperate attempt for shelter, the snake moved here and there over the snow and was half-dead. The next morning a peasant found the snake during and out of pity brought it home and warmed it up. The peasant gave the snake warm milk. Thus the snake gradually regained his life. The whole family was helping the snake to regain his life. A child wanted to play with the snake and touched the tail of the snake. But the ungrateful snake moved his head with a lightning speed and was about to bite the child. Others raised a hue and cry. The peasant who was resting, was attracted by the cries and ran into the room. He found that the ungrateful snake had become a source of danger to him. He at once killed the snake.


(i) When did the snake fail to find out a shelter?
(ii) When did the peasant see him?
(iii) What did the peasant do?
(iv) What did the child want to do with the snake?
(v) What did the snake do then?
(vi) What happened to the snake?

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