Passage for Exercise-84

Read of the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

   Rhino are captured by the pit system. A pit about ten feet long, five feet wide and six feet deep is dug in the middle of a much used rhino path, and then thinly covered with sticks and grass to camouflage it. A rhino, sometimes a calf walking in front of its mother, falls and is later removed in a wheeled cage dragged by an elephant to a stockade, where it stays for a month before being taken to its final destination. This is all done scientifically and humanely by experienced men of the Forest Department.


 1. How is a rhino captured?
 2. How is the pit for catching a rhino made?
 3. Why does the rhino fall in the pit?
 4. How is the rhino removed from the pit?
 5. How long is the rhino kept in a stockade?

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