Passage for Exercise-85

Read of the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

   A Greenhouse is used for plant-growing. During the winter season in cold countries the insolation is not sufficient for plant growth.

   The Greenhouse, made up of glass, allows visible sunlight to enter it but prevents the infra-red rays to go out. Thus a gradual warming up occurs inside the Greenhouse favouring the growth of the plants in it. The ‘Greenhouse effect’ means a progressive warming up of the earth’s surface due to the blanketting effect of manmade carbon dioxide and some other gases in the atmosphere.

   As the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing day by day, scientists are of the opinion that the global temperature will increase gradually.


1. How is a Greenhouse made?
2. Why plant growth during winter in cold countries is not well?
3. How does a Greenhouse work?
4. What favours the growth of plants in the Greenhouse?
5. What does the Greenhouse effect mean?
6. Why are scientists afraid that the global temperature will increase?

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